The focus of an effective pavement maintenance program includes:

  • Pavement repair
  • Crack sealing – very important!
  • Protective surface treatments with a quality environmentally friendly asphalt based sealer
  • New high performance paint markings

With this combination of maintenance practices, you can more than double the life span of asphalt pavements, have great curb appeal and provide a safe parking area for your employees and clients.


Keep water out!

These waterproofing techniques, seal out the damaging effects of:

  • Water penetration
  • Winter salt damage
  • Petroleum chemicals from vehicles
  • Suns UV rays

These damaging components lead to asphalt drying out and losing the binder that holds the stones together. When this happens, the asphalt surface is prone to hold water. This water finds it’s way down thru the surface and into the foundation that supports the flexible asphalt. This ultimately causes asphalt to crack, sink, rut, and break into alligatored areas and finally pot holes.



Water needs to drain off as quickly as possible. Storm water needs to drain off to the side of asphalt structures and into landscape or into storm sewers, where water belongs.


Services Include:

  • Asphalt paving and patching
  • Quality rubber crack sealants
  • Environmentally friendly asphalt sealers
  • High performance paint markings, new layout or restripe
  • Traffic signs
  • Storm sewer repair
  • Private road maintenance
  • Concrete parking garage maintenance
  • Pressure washing
  • Wheel stop installation – concrete, plastic or rubber
  • Snow plowing and salting contracts


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